History of The Georgian

The first St. Louis City Hospital was built on the site of the Georgian Condominiums in 1846, but the original structure was completely destroyed by fire in 1856.  City officials quickly ordered the erection of a second hospital, which opened its doors one year later in 1857, and remained until 1896 when the ‘Great Cyclone’ passed through the city wholly destroying the hospital.  As the City of St. Louis rose in prominence in the late 1890’s becoming one of the nation’s largest cities, a new hospital was necessary, and the city hired famed architect Albert Groves of the architectural firm Grable, Weber, and Groves to design the Georgian Revival Style structure that now stands.  The new City Hospital occupying again the site of the wrecked institution operated until it closed in1987 and escaped demolition when in 2001 the structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Now under the direction of Gilded Age, the historic structure once again stands prominently as it is transformed into The Georgian Condominiums.

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